Gateway Feathers is dedicated to providing our customers with quality feathers.
  • 2" Rayzr Tre and Barred Feathers

    The Rayzr are made with Whisper Quiet Technology. We tweaked the shield cut shape by lowering the profile and increasing the angle between the quill and the high point in the feather's profile. Then by shortening the feather and cutting it from a "specific" location from a full length feather we made "The First Modern Feather for Modern Bowhunters"!

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  • * NEW * Printz Colors

    These Gateway exclusive Printz fletchings will make beautiful arrows.
    Printz are available in Zebra, Tiger, Peacock and Custom styles. The Custom style will allow you to put your company/personal information right on the feather.
    (Custom style requires a setup fee).

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