Pro Staff

Hunting - Modern and Traditional Equipment
  • Del Del Mastro

    5" Gateway all white feathers.

  • Rob Evans

    and his 2008 Black Bear using our RAYZR feathers.

  • Larry D. Jones

    Mexico WhiteTail, Rio Grande Rancho.

  • Jason Vaaler

    Wisconsin WhiteTail. Notice Spliced Feather!!

  • Pat Giulioli.

    (Deceased) We Miss you Pat!.

  • Pat Giulioli

    Tom Turkey. 28 lbs 1 11/16 Spurs Okmulgee Ok. (Deceased) We Miss you Pat!!

  • Jason Vaaler

    Wisconsin WhiteTail. Jason is a firm beliver in Buck Management!!

  • Michael Manly Perry Jr.

    I use three 4" hard right helical Gateway feathers because nothing stabilizes like a feather and feathers are just archery.

  • Danny Farris

    Petersen's Bowhunting Magazine, Colorado Turkey with a Recurve Bow @ 25 yds.